The Waterways Storymaking Festival team collect all the creative writings and publish an anthology each year supported by the Arts Council NI. Reflections is given free of charge to all published authors. It is illustrated by our participating photographers.

Here are some extracts of collected works.


Orchardville, Lisburn

Another ordinary day.

A tsunami came towards us.

Raging water, rising, higher and higher.

There was thunder.  There was lightning.

Gary stood on the bank.

And videoed it.



Thoughts on the River Lagan. Angela Allen

A quiet part of the river,

Away from the noise of traffic.

A place in time to think.

Swan and cygnets gliding past

Dipping their heads in and out of the water.

A lone fisherman sits

And like me enjoys the peace and quiet.



A Yarn from the Bann River. Kim Corbett

Rivers are and always will be places of adventure, where imagined creatures live together side by side with little children. I was no different back then, running to the river bank with great excitement, only my imagination for company.

Closing my eyes, I am there.