The closing dates for all categories is 4th March 2022.

Entries are accepted in three age categories:

  • Age 11 and Under
  • Age 12-17 years
  • Over 18

Creative writing

You can submit a reminiscence, reflection or purely fictitious piece of work. Prose entries should be 500 words or less and poems 30 lines or less, not including the title. All creative writing submissions should tell a story in some way that is related to the theme of “Waterways”. A waterway can be a river, canal, lake or sea shore.

Photography or short video

You can submit a photographic image of a structure, scene, view, or life near and on a waterway. A waterway can be a river, canal, lake or sea shore. A short film can also be submitted of no more than 4 minutes telling a waterways story of some kind.

There are full terms and conditions for submissions in all categories that explain what rights you are granting the Festival to use and share your work. Please consult these before you submit. 

To make a submission the first step is to complete the form below and we will send you a link to where you can upload your entry. This may take a little time, so please be patient.

If you need further support contact our Festival Director for further information.